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Mems 20

Mems 20 is an online website for industry-standard manufacturing solutions for big and small businesses. We cater to the requirements of our clients with the best available raw materials and high-tech facilities.

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Providing Solutions For Conveying Of Materials

Equip your supply with the right products. Engage in the best leading supplying service in the business and create a long-term relationship that is built on trust. Feel free to connect with an expert today to share your requirements.

Heat Exchanger Design & Drawings
Pressure Vessel Design

Preplan the designs and engineering requirements with a team dedicated to your business.

WPS’s, And Welding Procedures &
Material Certificates

Clear your WPS procedures and checks with the best inspection team to identify errors and rectify them immediately.

Fixed Roof And Floating Roof
Tank Design & Drawings

Special home and commercial equipment designs and construction projects planned by experts.

Rotating & Non Rotating Equipment Specifications And Data Sheets

Receive high-quality moving parts for factory equipment with the required blueprint and professional support.

Engineering Design & Detailing Services

We have the best precision manufacturing equipment that enables our clients to create accurate products as per their requirements. Our precision level can build a table and a car engine with the same accuracy and detail.

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Permitting & Certification Documentation Support

We ensure that all the procedures under our service are transparent and well accounted for the best service for our clients. We believe in building trust first, and being accurate and available when our client needs us is the first step.

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Visit our gallery to explore our projects, community events, and other information.


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